Clipping path in Photoshop -Shadows and reflection

Drop shadow

Professionals use drop shadow clipping mask for availing better and authentic look for the snaps. When the job is done by creative mavens, shade can be made a highly operative tool for background image replacement technique. Images without shade looks unrealistic and of no value. Understanding the same, most professionals make optimal use of shadows. Different types of effects for Drop Shadow in Photoshop includes Old Navy, Letterpress, burn it, Stack Em and Quick Vintage.

For assuring beauty of a snap, it is important to create natural shadow and clipping path in Photoshop can help. It is created based on the original one. However Drop Shadow is created as per the concerned object’s shape. Thus the said is different from original one.

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Reflection shadow: 

Reflection shadow can be defined as the clear shadow formed when a shiny surface reflects an object. It is many times referred to as a mirror reflection. This technique or technology is used commonly by a king part of ecommerce websites.   For getting an enhanced live effect, the products are placed in white or else transparent background. By doing so, finer details are communicated and background never dominates. Professional Image clipping if done properly can help in making the product details more communicating and convincing.

You can create it easily. Create a copy for original layer and use the option of Flip Vertical to transform it. Then from the palette click on Add Layer Masking. This will let you see the needed transparent effect for reducing the opacity as you prefer.

Background removal image processing definitely demands expert assistance.

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